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Why Quantum Computing Is Closer Than You Think. Intro When I first started looking into quantum computing I had a fairly pessimistic…

ByByAidenMay 8, 2022

Facebook Wants to Make Smart Robots to Explore Every Nook and Cranny of Your Home

“Hey Alexa, turn on the kitchen light.” “Hey Alexa, play soothing music at volume three.”…

ByByAidenApr 26, 2022

How Brain-Computer Interfaces Can Help Children with ADHD

Imagine planting a seed. As you pat the soil, the seed blows up into a…

ByByYoyo YuanJan 23, 2022

Ameca The Future Face of Robotics or Uncanny Valley?

Ameca is the robot platform of the future Ameca in its first public demo…

ByByFuturist FoundationJan 9, 2022
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