Futurist Foundation & Beyond

Futurist Foundation & Beyond

What is the Futurist Foundation?

The Futurist Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose and goals are to promote crowd-sourced, volunteer-based projects seeking to educate the public on the matters of futurism, support research, laws and ethics concerning future technology and its usage.

  • We will use technology to inspire and enhance global security, through promoting international cooperation of science, de-escalation of arms, and supporting research that betters mankind.
  • We aim to move technological progress forward by enhancing humanity’s  understanding of science, logic, and keeping an open mind. Such activity will also promote pragmatic sciences that will further open the path into the future.
  • We promote the inclusion of all people regardless of any individual trait, and aim to have a lifestyle where everyone will accept the use of technology to better all lives.

Transhumanism is a movement and idea with the main goal to enhance our daily lives through the use of current, new and future technology. The movement aims to end suffering, disease and death by increasing our intellectual, physical and psychological potential. Research, education and new political systems will create sustainability and efficiency, and allow every human to live his/her life along his/her own dreams and beliefs. The movement aims to change humanity for the better, and create a society where we can live life without worries and suffering. The Futurist Foundation endorses this movement.

How do we get there?

With the help of you all! We need creativity, open-mindedness and a good portion of radicalism to think the unthinkable. Bring in your ideas and your opinions on how we can prepare and change humanity into a sustainable society. We have collected some ideas that need to be discussed. Will Liquid Democracy free humanity from the claws of corruption or will it ultimately destroy us as we depend on technology that might be incomplete? Does Basic Income improve or reduce technological progress? Will robotic automation and increased productivity lead to technological unemployment or will Jevon’s Paradox occur once more?

With your help we want to evaluate such ideas and create a possible plan we can aim for, rather than to let non transparent governments and organizations decide in secrecy on the future of us all. Once the group has worked out what is needed, the Futurist Foundation’s real work will start and as an organization we have to consider possibilities to implement the plans we worked out.

How can I support the Futurist Foundation?

Contribute. Sign up to our discord, post content within our website for the community to see. Tell your friends. Support projects that interest you. Doing any of these things helps.

Have inquiries? Contact us.