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Charlotte Han and Futurist Foundation

Futurist Foundation is proud to announce that Charlotte Han is the first member of our Content Creator Partnership program! Who is Charlotte Han? You might be asking, who is Charlotte Han? Well, allow me to enlighten you. She is a “technologist, keynote speaker, and an AI evangelist”. She has a passion for building AI productsContinue reading

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Climate Change and Future of Electric Vehicles

Climate Change Climate change, a global emergency that threatens to upend the global economic stability and change our way of life. As climate change breathes down the world’s neck, countries have quickly started transitioning to greener energy. However, as quickly as EVs are becoming prevalent, the rate of improvement of $/KWh of batteries is notContinue reading

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Perilous Process of Childbirth in Microgravity

“All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct” – Carl Sagan captured the interest and imagination of millions of people throughout the world and throughout time. His influence still rings today as countries and aerospace companies around the world race into the dawn of the second space race. The opening golden gate of this space ageContinue reading

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