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Ameca The Future Face of Robotics or Uncanny Valley?

Ameca is the robot platform of the future Ameca is a spectacle at CES 2022, a large crowd gathered around to watch and see how Ameca is able to respondContinue reading

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Apollo Health Ventures Closes $180 Million Fund

Apollo Health Ventures Closes $180 Million Fund to Drive Breakthrough Innovations Combating Age-related Diseases BOSTON and BERLIN, December 1, 2021 – Apollo Health Ventures announces the final closing of itsContinue reading

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This Startup Is Growing Sushi-Grade Salmon From Cells in a Lab

As the ills of factory farming become more pronounced, people are increasingly gravitating towards vegetarian or pescatarian diets. Besides producing a large percentage of our total greenhouse gas emissions, raisingContinue reading

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Morphological Freedom, Aging and Gene Editing

Liz Parrish Interview Liz Parrish, the CEO and founder of BioViva Science and an early pioneer of gene therapy self-experimentation. “When you’re talking about genetic therapies, you’re talking about theContinue reading

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Charlotte Han and Futurist Foundation

Futurist Foundation is proud to announce that Charlotte Han is the first member of our Content Creator Partnership program! Who is Charlotte Han? You might be asking, who is CharlotteContinue reading

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