Morphological Freedom, Aging and Gene Editing

Liz Parrish

Interview Liz Parrish, the CEO and founder of BioViva Science and an early pioneer of gene therapy self-experimentation.
“When you’re talking about genetic therapies, you’re talking about the gateway to the freedom, autonomy and agency of one’s body that is really necessary for anything else, it’s really a civil rights issue.” – Liz Parrish

0:42: Telomere Lengthening therapies at BioViva: how does it work?
6:30: Did you have any other gene therapies?
7:48: Science vs Technological Development
10:57: Other symptoms of aging to target in the future
17:03: Why gene therapy and not pharma?
21:55: What else can BioViva do for Freedom of Form?
27:20: Gene Editing Mass Availability: Near or Far Future?
30:57: Gene therapy regulatory environment in different jurisdictions
33:33: The Right to Try Act
36:26: The Stigma of Gene Therapy
41:28: Aging from a personal perspective vs a scientific perspective?
44:35: Improved eyesight is a freedom of form matter.
46:02: Adapting ourselves to different environments
49:53: Beauty, normalcy and health in the future: gene therapy vs eugenics
51:57: Does transhumanism understand freedom of form?
57:28: Do you think morphological freedom is something we can show to people successfully?
59:23: Technically cured human aging
1:01:43: What advice would you give to the next biotech startup entrepreneurs?
1:04:49: Do science to fund science
1:07:30: You’re going to be a hero of the future!
1:08:43: Working in pyjamas
1:11:17: The impact of COVID on our technologies
1:14:25: Wrapping Up (for this cut of the interview)

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