Colonizing Mars with Nexus Aurora Founder

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Adrian Moisa is the founder of Nexus Aurora, an organization with a focus on gathering like-minded individuals to solve the problems associated with establishing a long-term colony on Mars. They recently placed first place in the Mars Society contest and received a grand prize of $10,000.

Join me today on Future Imminent as I ask him questions about what his team is like, and how his nearly two-decade experience in the business world helps him and his organization.

The Story of MegaBots with CEO Matt Oehrlein

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Megabots co-founder Matt Oehrlein spent the past few years trying to make giant robot fighting into a sports league. This is the story of how Megabots started and eventually ended.

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Growing Plants in Orbit

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In an effort to better understand how plants can help us colonize the cosmos, scientist Matthew G. Lehmitz has been working on something called “PlantSat”, a small satellite which contains a plant, and the plan is to launch it into Orbit… of the freaking Earth.

Transhumanism in Politics with Futurist David Wood

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Pioneer in smartphone tech, a career that after 25 years left him wanting more. His focus, from mobile devices, to wearable, or ingestible, or even injectablegg (Yes, into your own body).

I’m Felix, on Future Imminent, with David Wood, hallmark of transhumanism. Co-founder of H+pedia, Treasurer and Co-Leader of the UK’s Transhumanist party, and London Futurists chair, here on Future Imminent.


Future Imminent Podcast Trailer

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We will cover a wide variety of subjects with our guests that include: automation, aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence, astronomy, biochemical engineering, CRISPR, ecology, life extension, transhumanism, and virtual environments.